The CADRADO project is a technological innovation project whose main objective is to develop an automated software system for the detection and evaluation of defects and critical levels for the radiographic inspection of industrial parts.

Among the parts of interest for this type of application are the various parts made from light materials within the production of the aeronautical sector, a sector of great importance today, both in Galicia and in Spain as a whole. Likewise, this interest extends to other target sectors of composite materials, such as shipbuilding and wind power.

In this way, the software will allow the specific analysis of radiographic images, in which automatic studies are uncommon and are aimed at materials with repetitive characteristics. The flexibility of the software to be developed is key to the detection of defects, metrology and extraction of features within different types of industrial parts. The specific filters and tools necessary for a specific and automated analysis will be generated, and finally the application will be integrated into a graphical user interface. The final interface will be user-friendly and simple, facilitating its integration into the radiographic inspection cycle in different industrial production scenarios.

This project is led by SYSPRO ENGINEERING, which has extensive experience in industry-oriented software developments. With it, SYSPRO will expand its specialty to radiographic imaging in non-destructive tests (NDTs), a field that differs from images in artificial vision as well as clinical radiography. The proposed solution can be applied to any digital radiography system and will overcome the current shortcomings in this field.

AIMEN, one of the most important Technology centers in Galicia, will collaborate with SYSPRO in the development of this software from its extensive knowledge in END and digital radiography in particular, addressing inspection operations with different digital equipment as well as the initial image analysis by expert staff

This project is supported by the Regional Government of Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (Axencia Galega de Innovación).

Example of fault detection:


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