Smart Factory

For years we have opted for different solutions and technologies related with the digitization of companies. We advise our clients on introducing new Industry 4.0 technologies, from a practical approach, with the aim of achieving process improvement and the ability to obtain the information from their plant to help them in the decision-making process.

Data Acquisition – Processing – Analysis

We implement plant data collection solutions: we process that data with advanced tools to be able to have a comprehensive database that intelligently relates all the data from the different plant sources to then apply Business Intelligence and Machine tools Learning that help our clients to make decisions and improve processes.


We have extensive experience using OPC UA servers to exchange information between different systems or plant levels, to upload plant information to the cloud or to communicate it with a Web SCADA.


We use IoT technologies to acquire relevant information about the plant process and send it directly to a higher-level system for storage and processing. This is especially appealing for the pharmaceutical sector, since it enables the integration of new equipment without modifying the validated and functioning control architecture.


We work with the new Digital Twin technologies of the different manufacturers, in order to offer a simulation environment of your real installation. This simulation environment facilitates all project tasks prior to commissioning, as well as being a validation support tool and equipment operators.


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